ViRa Music


Hey there!
Let us introduce ourselves! We are "VIRA" (former Vibestyler & Rasta Farby) and love creating tunes!
We both started making music early, especially "Electro" and "Drum & Bass". After a while publishing solo projects we started combining some ideas of ours and actually loved the sounds we created together. A bit hard using two different programs but we were able to manage that minor problem! First project called "Space Diver" was born!
We soon got contact to Dave Schwaiger through one of our tracks. He promoted our work and we tried to create an anthem for UTC (Urban Trendsport Association), successfully!
"Welcome To The Show" (UTC Anthem) is now available on SoundCloud.
Moving to Hamburg now gives us more time mixing tunes. We will now start more projects, hopefully some sweet remixes and definitely use the same program now to complete tracks earlier! :) We hope you will all enjoy lots of tunes of us and if you are interested in what will happen, follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook or enjoy some tunes on SoundCloud!
And remember: MUSIC + LOVE = √IRA